More than just a ride from work

5:04 pm. I was done with work for the day and it was time for something I both dreaded and looked forward to: the mission to take a taxi. I dread it because… Continue reading

5 incredibly weird things Egyptians do

Before you say anything, I know that Egyptians possess an unlimited supply of weird habits and traditions. However, it would take me ages to compile them all at once, so I decided to… Continue reading

Dear Egyptian Guys,

1. If you think you can only attract girls by showing off material possessions like your watch or your car, then you can count on attracting the kind of girls Kanye West sings… Continue reading

Let There Be Light

I took this photo on a trip to an old mosque. I fell in love with the view from where I was standing. Light rays seemed to sneak in through the gaps to… Continue reading

Fascinating Phenomenon: Egyptian Racists

There are things about Egyptians that I find absolutely fascinating to observe. It’s sort of like watching The Discovery Channel. Or Animal Planet. Here’s a fact: Egyptian racists exist. Tons of them, actually.… Continue reading

7 ways to handle Cairo traffic without losing your cool

Picture this: you’re in a traffic jam that just refuses to let up. Cars around you are honking like there’s no tomorrow and -if you’re a girl- random men have been making googly-eyes… Continue reading

The Attack of Urbanism

I took this during a trip to old parts of Cairo. I don’t remember where I was exactly when I took it, but I remember that it caught my attention because it was… Continue reading

Dear Egyptian Girls,

1. Please purchase clothing in your own size; bulges and layouts of your undergarments do not bring about the desired effect. 2. Please stop mixing weird colors together. Mixing yellow and purple is… Continue reading

For the love of work

For what seemed like the millionth time, the short bald man with the messy moustache elbowed his way through the sweaty crowd, shouting “tea! Tea! Who wants tea?” I didn’t understand how every… Continue reading