How to invade someone’s privacy the Egyptian way

If there was some sort of competition for which person could best invade another person’s privacy, I’m positive an Egyptian would win first prize. Egyptians are absolute masters at privacy invasion. What’s impressive… Continue reading

Examining Egypt’s sexual harassment problem

Even though sexual harassment is one of the biggest and most pressing problems in Egypt, it is not given enough attention. Yes, a lot of people start initiatives against it and others write… Continue reading

Why Cairo traffic and your social life are intertwined

Someone whose opinion I value once pointed out that I write (and talk) about Cairo traffic a lot. I know I should try being more diverse -and I do try- but the cold,… Continue reading

I finally got it!

You know when you’re driving and a microbus suddenly appears next to you out of the blue? It always reminded me of something; I just couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it… Continue reading

Dear Microbus Drivers,

1. Your horn should only be used when needed (like if you are about to crash), not every two seconds. Don’t you ever get a headache? 2. When you post religious phrases all… Continue reading

5 survival skills every Egyptian needs

Let’s face it. Egypt isn’t the easiest place to live. In fact, Reuters recently announced that Egypt was the worst place for women to live in the entire Arab region.┬áIt’s not a picnic… Continue reading

7 concepts that (some) Egyptians need to learn

My blog was a relatively quiet place a week ago. Then one night, I decided to write a new post, oblivious to the fact that said post would turn my blog into a… Continue reading

10 internet things Egyptians need to stop doing

I’m not a big history buff, but I imagine that when the internet was invented, everyone in the world was thinking about how it would make life easier and lead us to a… Continue reading

Fascinating Phenomenon: Future Egyptian Journalists

I majored in multimedia journalism in college. I went to The American University in Cairo (AUC) which is supposedly one of the most prestigious universities in the entire MENA region. Let me stress… Continue reading