The Subliminal Messages You Received as an Egyptian Child

I love coming up with theories. It’s both a blessing and a curse. I can’t control it. I see things, and I just decide to investigate. It’s probably why I majored in journalism.… Continue reading

The 4 Dumbest Egyptians You Will Ever Meet

Throughout your journey as an Egyptian, you will run into a lot of idiots nothing but idiots. But some idiots stand out more than others. Some will dazzle you. Some will make you… Continue reading

Why Cairo wants you to get fat (Part 5)

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Why Cairo wants you to get fat (Part 4)

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Why Cairo wants you to get fat (Part 3)

I’ve written two posts so far about why Cairo wants to get its citizens fat. So far, I’ve talked about dieticians and outings. In this post I’m going to discuss what inspired me… Continue reading

Why Cairo wants you to get fat (Part 2)

In my last post I talked about how dieticians in Egypt suck and actually cause people to gain weight rather than lose it. This time, I would like to tackle another problem that… Continue reading

Why Cairo wants you to get fat (Part 1)

Egypt has an extremely high obesity rate. It’s not much of a secret. Walk around and you’ll find men proudly displaying their big bellies, otherwise known as their kersh. You’ll find overweight women… Continue reading

Part Two: 10 more internet things Egyptians need to stop doing

After my blog post about annoying internet habits, I came to the happy realization that I was not the only one bothered by other people’s actions on the internet. Needless to say, I was… Continue reading

How to invade someone’s privacy the Egyptian way

If there was some sort of competition for which person could best invade another person’s privacy, I’m positive an Egyptian would win first prize. Egyptians are absolute masters at privacy invasion. What’s impressive… Continue reading