Positioning yourself on Facebook (for dummies)

Facebook used to be something personal; you used to add close friends and post whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want to. There were no consequences. This is my last… Continue reading

Sexual Harassment: Anytime, Anywhere!

I know, I know; I promised not to disappear and then I did. Unfortunately, this was due to how swamped I am with my new job (I’ll get to it in another post)… Continue reading

Your daily poker game

I was never good at poker, but my humble understanding of the game tells me that a large factor in winning is mastering the art of bluffing. Wear a neutral mask resembling your… Continue reading

Where do Egyptians’ dreams go?

I have to admit that this post doesn’t have as many answers as it does questions. The most pressing of these questions is the title of this post: where do our dreams go?… Continue reading

On Procrastination and Cairo

If you’re reading this, you are either one of the loyal people who are still subscribed to this now dusty blog, or this is your first time here and you’re wondering what the… Continue reading

How Egyptian Girls Ride Taxis, Explained in GIFs

1. Okay, time to take a taxi home. Must look serious so they know better than to kidnap me. 2. Where are all the taxis? And why don’t I have guy friends who can… Continue reading

The Only Perk of Being a Guy in Egypt

First of all, I’d like to apologise for disappearing on all of you. I recently got a job and it’s insanely different compared to what I was doing before. In my old job,… Continue reading

Egypt’s 5 Most Overrated Things

Egypt is a country that appreciates trends. While I hate to sound like a hipster who hates all things mainstream, I don’t believe in trends. I watch movies and listen to songs after… Continue reading

Dear Fresh Grads,

It’s true; you may not work in a field related to your major. On the bright side, your Bachelor’s Degree will look pretty hanging on the wall. It’s completely normal to feel lost… Continue reading

The Egyptian Male Portrayed in GIFs

When your significant other talks to you:   When your soccer team loses:   When the topic of marriage comes up:   Whenever any minor disagreement occurs:   When you’re driving:   When… Continue reading