Just Another Facebook Rant – Part Two

After the last post, you probably think I’m all ranted out, don’t you?

You’re right, I’m not.

Oh, you know me so well!

Ranting is a lifestyle choice, my friend. It requires commitment and perseverance. It requires attention to detail; things that other people may not even notice will not only get your attention, they will also infuriate you so much that your entire body will start to shake.

Image: wifflegif.com

Image: wifflegif.com

The ranting life is not easy -but it’s fun. And soothing.

I did not choose the ranting life; it chose me.

Just so you’re up to speed, our last rant shed some light on nosy, annoying people on facebook who decide to inflict their inferiority complexes via your inbox. The topic this time is a little different.

I generally despise facebook, but I stay on it so I can consistently check out new career opportunities and keep in touch with people so that we can tell each other that “it’s been so long and we simply must go out soon” -even though no action is ever taken to make that possible.

So I decided that since I’m on the damn website, I might as well use it and take advantage of some of the things it offers, like selling or buying stuff online.

It all started when I started decluttering my room and simultaneously happened to be flat broke. I felt like this could be an opportunity for me to make some cash through the process. Seems simple enough, yes?

Image: tumblr.com

Image: tumblr.com

Not really. Not when you’re dealing with Egyptians.

I joined this group for people selling used books. I figured selling books would be a no brainer; books are simple. If the words are there and the pages are clean, you’re pretty much good to go. But if you’re selling clothes for instance, you get into debates on size and condition and color, which I would have no patience for -because frankly I do not give a rat’s ass if pale colors wash you out or if my old blouse didn’t look as awesome on you as it did on me.

So, innocently enough, I took a picture of a bunch of books I no longer wanted and posted them on the group.

Image: tenor.com

Image: tenor.com

I got this message a few hours later from a girl, who said she wanted to buy them all. At first I was surprised, because the books were all completely different in terms of genre and topic, but I thought this would make life easier; one sale and that’s it.

When I told her one specific book had already been reserved, she seemed utterly disappointed, but wanted the rest anyway.

I didn’t really care about why she wanted all those books; at that point I just wanted to arrange a pick up so I can get some cash and get this big bag of books out of the way, so I asked her when she would like to meet.

She told me we could do it by the end of the week.

Week ended, nothing.

I asked again, she said next week.

Again, nothing.

Image: imgur.com

Image: imgur.com

I asked again, starting to regret telling other interested buyers that the books had already been reserved.

She told me to wait until her payday, which was the following week.

And again, nothing.

My stubborn nature began getting the better of me, and at this point I just wanted to sell them so I wouldn’t feel like someone had just played me and reserved all the books with no intention of buying just as an asshole move.

I refused to believe I was being trolled. I cannot be trolled. If anyone’s doing any trolling, it should be me.

Image: reactiongifs.com

Image: reactiongifs.com

I asked again and she said her salary wasn’t transferred yet, and eventually she stopped responding altogether.

Fast forward to now -a month later- where with each passing day I look at the pile of books and get more and more pissed off. I try calling her and her phone doesn’t even ring, which is fishy.

I decided to give it one more try, because I am stubborn (I cannot stress on this fact enough).

I messaged her on facebook and she then said that she couldn’t even remember which books she had ordered. I had to remind her of all of them and their prices. She said that “of course” she was still interested, but is currently out of Egypt and will be back next week.

I messaged her the following week -she still hasn’t replied.

I am not holding my breath.

Image: powderroom.kinja.com

Image: powderroom.kinja.com

Here’s what’s funny, I could have easily just chalked it up to one asshole buyer, but the thing is that I had also posted a picture of a facial sauna I no longer wanted, and the same exact thing happened with a completely different person.

The other woman had also rushed into the buying decision, and called me to let me know she was absolutely interested, proceeding to tell me all about her teenage daughter and how she wanted the sauna to tackle her daughter’s acne -information I literally do not give two flying fucks about.

And then, guess what? Also nothing.

These people do not deserve computers. Or the internet. Or noses.

Image: reactiongifs.com

Image: reactiongifs.com

So what’s the moral of this story that is infuriating me to this very day?

Don’t sell stuff on facebook. Ever. People are lazy, indecent assholes. They don’t understand the common courtesy or the mere concept of dealing with other people respectfully, and frankly they just all need to be run over by trucks.

And yes, I do hope that they get run over by trucks -or at the very least that someone pees on their next meal.

No, no, I’m being too cruel.

I hope they go down a slide of razors into a pool of cologne.

Image: tenor.com

Image: tenor.com

End of Rant Two, stay tuned for Rant Three.

At ClubCairo, the rants never stop. I rant so you don’t have to.