Why Cairo wants you to get fat (Part 1)

Egypt has an extremely high obesity rate. It’s not much of a secret. Walk around and you’ll find men proudly displaying their big bellies, otherwise known as their kersh. You’ll find overweight women too, although they aren’t proud of it. The majority complain about their weight 24/7, claim that “the diet starts tomorrow” and never actually do anything to change their weight.

Image: rebloggy.com

Image: rebloggy.com

Go to any gathering and you’ll find women of all ages talking about how they got sooo fat and how everything is loaded with calories and how they didn’t lose weight even when they followed a mainstream diet to the letter.

But here’s the thing, even though a lot of people eat carelessly and can only blame themselves for being overweight, I’m pretty sure our country plays a huge role, too. I’ll tell you why, but I’ll do it in a small series of posts, because if I include them all here I’ll be writing for hours.

Here’s the first reason: our dieticians suck. At least all the one’s I’ve encountered so far suck. What they do is that they write a person’s weekly diet to the letter, rather than give people guidelines on how to eat properly. The result? Millions of women basically planning their days around their diets.

“Oh, I have to eat grilled fish today. We have to go out somewhere where they serve grilled fish.”

No, random woman, you should go out wherever the hell you want and then make a healthy choice there.

The diets are almost all the same too, by the way. They are all basically a bunch of templates of different types of grilled food. In fact, let me save you some money and tell you here:

Breakfast: Some baladi bread with beans/cottage cheese/boiled egg

Lunch: Grilled chicken/grilled beef/grilled seafood

Dinner: Salad/fruit/low fat yogurt

Snacks: fruit/low fat yogurt

Drinks: Coffee/tea that must either be sugarless or contain extremely harmful and cancer-causing artificial sweeteners (yummy!)

And you have one free day in which you can completely fuck up any progress you made during the week because you have been fucking DEPRIVED of any variety all week.

Congratulations. Lose some weight and then gain it back along with a little extra. Welcome to Egyptian diets.

Image: gifsoup.com

Image: gifsoup.com

Look at nutrition magazines abroad. Regardless of the fact that some of them provide the same mindless crap, others give you healthy recipes that actually look appetizing and taste good. They give you ideas so that you can actually use your head for a change.

Here’s an idea, folks: you don’t have to be spoon-fed your eating habits (pun intended).

The key to losing weight is simple: adjust your eating habits permanently. Meaning, make healthy food choices and give yourself a treat every once in a while. You can’t eat grilled chicken for the rest of your life, you know.

Image: media.tumblr.com

But if you want to stick to the disaster diet template, then by all means, be my guest. Just note that one of the side effects is picturing your significant other as a giant burger/pizza.