Fascinating Phenomenon: Egyptian Racists

There are things about Egyptians that I find absolutely fascinating to observe. It’s sort of like watching The Discovery Channel. Or Animal Planet.

Here’s a fact: Egyptian racists exist. Tons of them, actually. You’d think that Egypt is a third world country and that Egyptians have so many flaws that they can’t afford to be racist -and you’re right- but this is the country where logic comes to die.

And here’s a little surprise, these Egyptians aren’t even mildly racist; they are disgustingly racist, like they are flawless, self-righteous kings and queens that cannot bear the mere existence of anyone else on the planet.

Observing the phenomenon:

I can’t count the number of times I was with other Egyptians and heard them talk about how they believe black people are unattractive or Indians smelly. I once dated a guy who was so racist that when I recommended watching “The Help” to make him see how destructive and painful racism is, he said that he didn’t like to watch theirΒ movies. Yes, their movies.

Let me give you a minute to process all of this.

Yep. I wanted to kill myself, too.

I tried to get people to change their sick mentalities in numerous ways, but to no avail.

I tried the sensible approach, equipped with the logic that we are all human beings and that we are all born equal, but the end result was always the other person rejecting my argument for the simple purpose of not wanting to be wrong, and me pulling my hair out and battling high blood pressure.

I tried the humanitarian approach, saying that we humans need to be compassionate towards each other since we are basically all stuck together in this cruel prank called life, but the end result was always the same as that of the sensible approach.

I finally started trying the aggressive and passionate approach, but that always resulted in me and the other person fighting to the point of wanting to strangle each other.

Finally, I realized that racists are racists. They are disgusting individuals that are so insecure about themselves that they cannot tolerate anyone different. Any religion will tell you that we are all born equal, are all beautiful and that different exteriors change nothing, but I guess the racists forgot to read those chapters in their religious texts.

It’s not just disgusting; it’s downright cruel. I can bet you anything that racists have never picked up a history book to recognize how ugly racism’s repercussions were in this world. Make them watch one documentary about the holocaust or the civil rights movement and put themselves in the victims’ positions, and they’ll understand what damage they’re doing.

And just so you know, the discrimination does not end with race; gays, lesbians and females also fall under the category of people judged by a lot of Egyptians.

Now when I know someone is racist, I just give up and look the other way, biting my lip and counting to ten so that I don’t snap. I haven’t killed anyone yet; I never knew I had such willpower.

Why are some Egyptians so racist?

I’ve wracked my brain trying to find an answer to this question, but I haven’t reached any useful answer. The thing is, there is no excuse for being racist, but I wanted to at least find the source and kill it so that this phenomenon would finally stop.

I could only come up with two possible explanations:

1. The educational system: Egyptian schools like to boast that the Egyptian child is the smartest and most fascinating child in the world. They were right about one thing; Egyptian children are so stupid that it is quite fascinating. But, all kidding aside, schools may be a factor. Once you’re told that you’re the smartest, the best and that your country may as well be made out of diamonds because of it’s sheer awesomeness (all lies, by the way), you’re bound to grow up a self-righteous, racist asshole.

2. Parents: Most sickening mentalities can be traced back to parents. Children look up to their parents and subconsciously follow in their footsteps. So if you know a racist asshole, their parents are most probably racist assholes as well.

The irony..

Egyptians are the last people in the world that get to be self-righteous about anything. Period.

And the funny thing is that those claiming that other races lack something are usually the ones that lack that particular thing. So, for example, if you think Indian people smell bad, you’re the one that smells like feet. So you’re not just an asshole, you’re a smelly asshole. Let that sink in for a while.

But it doesn’t matter, really. No one cares what Egyptians think, anyway. So our racism is safely confined within our sad, judgmental society.

But even though I hate racism with a passion, I honestly would love for one of these people to visit a place where they would be on the receiving end of racism for a change. Karma’s a bitch. A big, racist bitch.